Health Equity & Quality Services

More than ever, health care providers are familiar with the terms "health equity" and "health care disparities."
At Highmark, these terms aren't merely catch phrases: We're working in earnest to truly reduce health care disparities in our region and to ensure health equity for our members -- and for the communities we serve.

In fact, Highmark's Health Equity & Quality Services area is formally responsible for developing and executing Highmark's efforts in this regard. Health Equity & Quality Services leads Highmark's strategic initiatives aimed at reducing and eliminating health care disparities, improving health literacy and the delivery of culturally and linguistically appropriate services to our members.

Strength in Partnership

Highmark's Health Equity & Quality strategy encompasses a multi-faceted approach and engages many diverse partners. These valued partners include our network providers, our members, our group customers, Highmark employees and other strategic partners throughout our community.

To learn more about health equity, health care disparities and Highmark's Health Equity & Quality efforts, please visit the following link:

Working to eliminate health care disparities and achieve health equity by addressing health literacy, cultural competency and language access to improve health care quality and services for our diverse customers – where they live, work, play, worship & receive health care

Watch this page for news and updates about Highmark's Health Equity & Quality efforts.

Last updated on 1/11/2018


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