The Highmark Provider Manual is getting a facelift.

In May, we will transition the contents of the entire manual — approximately 1,250 pages — from a PDF-based platform to a web-based one. The new format will make it easier to view and search the manual, including within individual chapters and units.

The Highmark Provider Manual is designed to be your primary reference guide to Highmark. It contains information, policies, and procedures for all providers participating in Highmark’s provider networks in Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and contiguous counties in bordering states.

The manual combines information for all Highmark service areas to give providers a comprehensive understanding of Highmark’s health insurance programs.

Here are some of the features of the updated Highmark Provider Manual:

#1 Provider Manual Changes Page
When changes are made, we will communicate those changes on this webpage. It will contain a running list of updates, organized by date, with the most recent at the top.

#2 Reference Materials

  • How to Use the New Highmark Provider Manual Guide
    • This document will walk you through the format changes to the Highmark Provider Manual including organization, search functionality, and saving/printing.
  • Quick Reference/Contact Guide
    • This valuable resource contains all the regional numbers for Provider Service and Clinical Services.
  • What Is My Service Area Guide
    • If you have questions about which Highmark region is your service area, please refer to this map.

#3 Provider Manual Menu
The manual is organized by chapters and units. Chapters and their titles are listed in the navigation menu on the left side of the manual webpage. Click on a chapter to expand the menu, revealing the units and the list of topics covered within that chapter. All chapters, units, and topics are hyperlinked for easy access. To collapse a menu, click twice.

#4 Search Function
The web-based Highmark Provider Manual features a comprehensive search function that will show you the text around keywords, providing additional context when searching.

#5 Email/Print Functionality
With one click, you can email or print (as a PDF) individual sections of the Highmark Provider Manual — or the entire manual.

REMINDER: All revisions to the Highmark Provider Manual are controlled electronically. Paper copies, screen prints, and all alternate versions are considered uncontrolled and should not be relied upon for any purpose, as they may not be the most recent revision.

We hope you will enjoy the enhancements to the Highmark Provider Manual. If you have any questions about the manual, you can email