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New Advanced Imaging and Cardiology Services Program Begins Jan. 1

Highmark is partnering with eviCore healthcare to launch a new Advanced Imaging and Cardiology Services Program on Jan. 1, 2019.

The eviCore program will replace the National Imaging Associates program. eviCore will oversee the same Highmark members and authorize largely the same set of advanced diagnostic imaging and cardiology services, along with additional services.

To ensure our members receive high-quality care, Highmark has contracted with eviCore for the certification of qualified imaging providers and facilities, and confirmation that advanced imaging and cardiology services are provided with tested and relevant technology. eviCore also will introduce an enhanced radiation safety program that will provide insights on radiation exposure levels to further ensure the safety of our members.

See Issue 5, 2018 , of Provider News for more details about the new Advanced Imaging and Cardiology Services Program. Also, visit the program’s page on the Provider Resource Center under Care Management Programs.