Formulary Quarterly Formulary Updates

View the April 2024 updates to Highmark’s prescription drug formularies and related pharmaceutical management procedures at the Formulary Updates page on the Provider Resource Center (PRC). From the left menu, select PHARMACY PROGRAM/FORMULARIES and then Formulary Updates.

Pharmaceutical Management Procedures

To learn more about how to use these procedures, go to the PHARMACY PROGRAM/FORMULARIES section on the PRC. Click on Pharmacy Information from the sidebar and then Pharmaceutical Management from the list on the right.

This section includes information on:

  • Exception requests
  • The process for generic substitutions
  • Explanations of limits/quotas, therapeutic interchange, and step-therapy protocols

Federal Employee Program (FEP) Drug Formularies and Pharmaceutical Management Procedures

The FEP specific drug formularies are available online. Providers also may obtain formulary information by calling 866-763-3608 and following the prompts for Pharmacy.

To learn more about the FEP exception request processes for non-formulary drugs, click here .