Highmark Debuting Patient Data App for PCPs in Value-Based Programs

Primary care physicians (PCPs) who participate in our value-based care programs will have greater access to enhanced patient data starting in February.

The new Value Insight Center is an easy-to-navigate, self-service application for PCPs in our True Performance Base, Plus, and Advanced programs, as well as the Medicare Advantage Stars program. The app will provide early, intuitive, and actionable data that providers can use to close care gaps and improve quality and outcomes for their attributed Highmark patients.

The app will also help ensure that patients are using the most appropriate health care resources and avoiding unnecessary high-cost services, emergency treatment, and inpatient hospital stays. Since the True Performance program began in 2017, participating PCPs have helped potentially avoid costs totaling nearly $3.2 billion, due to better health management.

Features of the New Application

In addition to replacing some static reports, Value Insight Center will include the following categories of information to assist participating PCPs optimize quality care for their Highmark patients:

  • Attribution
  • Risk-Adjusted Per Member Per Month costs (from Advanced Cost Report)
  • Emergency Department Utilization
  • Readmissions
  • Medicare Advantage Recapture Rate
  • Quality Gaps (Available March 2024)

Highmark will continue to roll out more features and functionalities to the app throughout the year.


Introductory training and education sessions for the Value Insight Center are planned on the following dates: Feb. 20, Feb. 22, and Feb. 29. Registration information for these sessions will be shared with participants through our dedicated communication channels. Additional education sessions will occur in March and April.

Note: The Value Insight Center is not currently available for Highmark Blue Shield providers of Southeastern Pennsylvania.