Faxes Being Phased Out: Use the Availity Portal for All Authorization Requests

Clinical Services is phasing out fax prior authorization submissions. Providers are required to use the Availity® portal to electronically submit authorization requests, attach documentation, respond to inquiries, and check status. To view Highmark’s current prior authorization list, go here.

We have training resources and guides available to walk you through the electronic authorization process.

How Electronic Authorization Requests Benefit Your Organization

Submitting authorization requests electronically benefits offices and facilities in these six important ways:

  1. Less Administrative Time – Manual authorization requests take 11 minutes longer than electronic submissions.1
  2. More Cost Savings – Submitting requests manually costs nearly three times as much as electronic requests — $10.26 vs. $3.64 per transaction.2
  3. Faster Turnaround Time – Using Availity increases authorization turnaround time by 75% compared to alternative submission channels; some approvals are available immediately.3
  4. Higher Approval Rates – Cases submitted via Availity see a 4% higher approval rate due to the submission of complete clinical information.3 Higher approvals mean fewer denials, saving your team additional time.
  5. Real-Time Status Updates – The status of prior authorization requests is always available in real time, eliminating the need for unnecessary phone calls.
  6. Easy Process for Sharing Clinical Information – Providers can upload requests for additional clinical information quickly and easily through Availity and receive a faster response.

Not signed up for Availity? Visit www.availity.com and click on the Get Started link.

BONUS: 3 More Reasons for Using the Availity Portal

  • Single source for Eligibility and Benefits, Claims, and Authorization data.
  • Ability to easily submit prior authorization requests for all members including Out of Area.
  • Convenient, multi-payer portal reduces complexity for providers.

Training Resources

Both Availity and Highmark’s Provider Resource Center (PRC) offer valuable training resources for providers and their teams to make the adoption of the provider portal easy, understandable, and advantageous.

Training Courses

  • Log into Availity.
  • Select Help & Training tab on the homepage:
    • Click Get Trained from the drop-down menu to view recorded demos and webinars.

Registration Guides

Reference Guides


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2. 2020 CAQH INDEX® Closing the Gap: The Industry Continues to Improve, But Opportunities for Automation Remain. p. 6.

3. Based on Highmark Utilization Management data.